Mr Ho Chi Hung 何志雄先生

Personal Web Page
  • Master Degree in Guidance and Counselling (POLYU)
  • Master Degree in Business Administration (CUHK)
  • Global Career Development Facilitator / Trainer
  • Member of Hong Kong Professional Counselling Association

ChiHung is an engineer by training. Having spent quite a lengthy time in the world of work, he considered that a change would be required to restore his work-life balance.  A personal goal would also be crucial to drive him forward.  In search for his goal, he reckoned his interest in people development.  Since then, he started his pursuit in counselling.

ChiHung has been a counsellor for quite some time, helping adults and teenagers with emotional distress, marital problems and career development issues. He is also a hotline helper in a NGO.

Be it counselling or career planning, ChiHung believes that each client is the expert of his own problems. The client is only unaware of his available resources in fixing the issues.  Through counselling/guidance, ChiHung hopes his clients to shift his focus from the issues to his available resources.  Based on their own insight and experience, they can eventually find solutions to their own psychological or career issues.